Everyone a Minister. Every place a mission field

The South Africa School of Ministry and Missions (SASMM) is a three-month, discipleship and missions training school that provides practical missions/ministry experiences into the cultures of southern Africa. One fourth of the time is spent in direct, supervised ministry in the local community, outlying rural districts and into Mozambique and Swaziland. Areas of engagement correspond to the students’ interests, talents, spiritual gifts and maturity.

The SASMM Vision Is:
  • To challenge all Christians into ministry within their sphere of influence, and then send them into mission by expanding that sphere of influence. Some may be called to move into foreign cultures; many will be called to become missional within their own cultures and communities.
  • To model a merger of evangelical, social justice and charismatic streams of Christianity, after Jesus’ example.
  • To provide opportunities for hands-on ministry based out of a supportive, “living-learning” community setting, moving from head-based knowledge to helping-hands based experiential knowledge.
  • To build partnerships with other churches and ministries, as well as community development organizations and non-governmental organizations, demonstrating purposeful and relational unity within the Body of Christ.

The SASMM Mission Is:
  • To equip and release every believer as a minister of the Gospel, focusing on the transformation of southern Africa – “Everyone a Minister, Everyplace a Mission Field.